Best 6 Person Tent For Group Camping

Spoiler Alert: Conquerwild named the Core Instant Cabin Tent as the best 6 person tent for group camping!!

When it comes to camping in groups, the size of your tent can make or break your entire trip. 6 person tents are a great choice for small groups of campers who want a bit of extra space. This versatile type of tent isn’t quite as common as the 4 or 10 person variation, but it serves as a comfortable and efficient middle ground.

If you’re on a search to find the best 6 person tent, look no further. I’ve found the 4 greatest products out there and reviewed them to find the pros and cons of each.

What We’ll Be Reviewing:

MOON LENCE 6-Person Family Tent – Most Affordable 6 Person Tent

Camping on a budget can be a bit of a challenge sometimes (especially when you’re with a group of people). MOON LENCE helps simplify that issue with their affordable, 6 person family tent. This is the epitome of a quality budget tent.

The MOON LENCE stays well ventilated with the help of its 2 zippered windows and single ground vent. At the same time, the water resistant rainfly works to keep the inside dry. With the help of its 9 lightweight iron pegs and 4 guy lines, this tent puts up a good fight against strong winds as well.

The set-up on this tent is super easy and can be completed (even by one person) in less than 10 minutes. This is thanks to the easy-to-figure-out connecting poles and clips on the roof of the tent. As a result, it’s a great tent for beginners. The best part is that the assembly instructions are sewn right into the carry bag- a genius concept that will keep you from ever losing them. This is what I like to call, fine details.

This tent is also nice and spacious with a 60” peak height and a floor plan of 107.8” x 83.8”. In my opinion, this tent is pretty good looking as well. I think that the orange version (it also comes in green) really catches the eye. For a tent in this price range, the MOON LENCE does a great job of holding its own, even when put up against some of the more high end products on the market.


  • It’s low-priced when compared to most tents.
  • It’s got good wind resistance.
  • It comes with a lantern hook on the ceiling.
  • Weighing only 9.04 pounds, this tent is pretty lightweight.
  • It’s made of 190T polyurethane, making it UV resistant.
  • The rainfly is 1000mm water resistant and does a great job at keeping moisture away from the body of the tent.


  • There’s minimal space for storage.
  • There’s only 1, D-shaped door. Entering and exiting may be a bit of a hassle with a group of people.
  • It’s not quite as water-resistant or weatherproof as more expensive 6 person tents.

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent – Best Pick Overall

Another shelter that only takes 60 seconds to set up, this Core 6 Person Tent has just about everything your average camper needs. I love this tent for its spacey interior and the “homey” feel that it gives off.

This camp shelter offers the most storage space out of all the products we’ve listed here. It’s got a storage loft (which also has a lantern hook), a wall organizer and even a small awning which can keep your shoes dry on the outside of the tent. On top of that, it’s got an 11’ x 9’ floor plan, which provides a great amount of room. If you’re afraid of feeling homesick while camping, this tent may help to cushion the blow and help you feel more comfortable.

The 68D polyester fabric used all around this tent does a great job of protecting against the elements of nature. At the same time, you can pretty much adjust the level of airflow that you want through your tent. The ground vents are adjustable and the windows can be zipped shut.

If you’re looking for easy set-up, durability and comfortability, it doesn’t get much better than this for a 6 person waterproof tent.


  • A peak height of 72” provides a great amount of standing room.
  • It’s large enough to fit 2 queen sized air mattresses!
  • Set-up takes as little as 60 seconds with the help of its telescoping tent poles.
  • The tent poles are steel, which makes for a super sturdy structure (say that 10 times fast).
  • It includes an E port so that you can easily feed an electrical cord into the tent.
  • This tent uses H20 block technology to keep the water out with heated sealed seams.


  • It’s not a great tent for camping in below freezing temperatures.

KAZOO 6 Person Family Tent – Most Unique / Most Eco-Friendly 6 Person Tent

Behold yet another 6 person tent with instant set-up. This one is unique from the rest because of its crafty little “porch” section. This is created when you open the tent door and stable it with the tent poles provided. This forms a sunshade and it’s a great place to sit and cover yourself from the sun’s rays.

Another awesome element that makes this tent unique is its A+ ventilation. Practically the entire upper perimeter of this tent is made out of mesh. This means that, on a hot day, this tent will provide you with as much air circulation as possible. If you get too cold, you can attach the 210T ripstop polyester rainfly, which encompasses the entire shelter.

This tent has a cabin shape, which allows for a bit more headroom than most dome tents. Also, while the aluminum tent poles make for a pretty sturdy structure, this product is able to remain lightweight.

Coming in a bright yellow color, this is the kind of tent that you could spot from a mile away. You can take that as either a pro or con (it’s honestly a con for me), but I find that to be a minuscule detail either way. The bottom line is that this tent is a pretty solid candidate for your group camping trip.


  • It comes with a plastic hammer to help aid in the assembly process.
  • It‘s eco-friendly!
  • It’s made of 190T polyester, which is breathable yet durable.
  • The floor plan is 10’ x 9.8’.
  • It has 2 large, dual zipper doors- meaning entering and exiting will be hassle free, even with a group of 4 or 5.
  • There’s a peak height of 6.07” (tallest on this list!).
  • Its waterproof rating is over 3000mm.


  • This is not the best tent for camping in high winds.
  • It doesn’t offer a whole lot of storage space.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than the rest of the tents.

Coleman Sundome Tent – Best Value 6 Person Tent

When in doubt, you can always play it safe with a Coleman. You’ll almost never go wrong with one of their Sundome tents, as they do such a great job of packing all the camping essentials into a concise package.

This 6 person tent is made of polyester and uses a WeatherTec system to keep water out. At the same time, it uses large windows and ground vents to let air in and keep your tent “fresh.” This makes for a well rounded camping experience that can be enjoyed in almost any weather condition.

With a 6’ peak height and a 10’ x 10’ floor plan, this tent is a good pick for those who are claustrophobic. Even if it’s raining and you don’t want to step outside, you’ll be able to stand and stretch out your leg muscles.

While this isn’t an instant tent, it can still be set up pretty quickly due to its dome shape (it takes less than 10 minutes in most cases). The Sundome is a tent that exudes quality, even at its relatively low price. If you take good care of it, this tent will likely last you a long time.


  • We‘ve ranked this tent as our “best value.” This means it‘s the best tent for the money.
  • There’s an E-port, so that you can easily pass an electrical cord into the tent.
  • It does well in the wind and the rain.
  • There’s great airflow.
  • It can be set up and taken down very quickly.
  • You can buy it in a green or navy/gray color (and both look great, in my opinion).
  • It comes with mesh pockets for storing lightweight items.
  • It has a large floor plan (big enough to fit 2 queen sized air mattresses) and plenty of head room.


  • At 16.4 pounds, this tent is a bit on the heavy side (it‘s still doable for backpacking, thought).
  • The tent stakes aren’t the best quality.
  • It’s not the best tent for camping in below-freezing conditions.

How To Choose The Best 6 Person Tent

When embarking on a camping trip, it’s vital that you thoroughly prepare yourself before stepping out into the wilderness. A huge part of preparing is choosing the best tent possible.

In general, the 6 person tent is an option that’s commonly overlooked by campers. These shelters are great when it comes to space and versatility. Since they’re not the most popular type of tent out there, there aren’t a huge amount of options to choose from. This is why it’s even more important to look at each product critically.

The 3 C’s Of Tent Selection

There are tons of elements that separate the great tents from the mediocre ones. Sifting through all of the factors can be a bit overbearing. That’s why I’ve come up with a system to simplify this process.

Any time I’m choosing a tent for camping, I analyze the 3 C’s of tent selection to make the best choice. These 3 areas are comfortability, convenience and constancy. Let’s dive in to each a bit deeper.

Comfortability – Finding The Best 6 Man Tent

It goes without saying that no camper wants to feel uncomfortable while on an excursion. When you choose the wrong 6 person tent, you might have to deal with a stuffy, cramped camp shelter.

If you want to stay comfortable during your camping trip, choose a tent that excels in the following areas:

Sufficient Space

First thing’s first: just because it’s labeled a “6 person tent,” does not mean that 6 people will always be able to fit comfortably. Is it possible? Yes… If you don’t mind being a sardine for the night. 

If you’re camping with 6 people and you plan on having a bit of personal space, you should definitely consider sizing up. Most 6 person tents have enough room for about 4 or 5 campers.

Two camper‘s lying in a tent looking out from their legs.

Since the capacity of a tent isn’t always accurate, it’s important that you judge from the actual dimensions of the product. See how large the floor plan is and compare it to the amount of people you’re camping with. Feel free to measure out the dimensions yourself and get an imaginary feel for the tent before you purchase it.

If you’re concerned about feeling cramped in your tent, you should also take a look at the peak height. This is the measurement from the tent’s floor, to the tallest point of its ceiling. If you want to be able to stand inside your tent, then choose something with a peak height that’s taller than you.

Some tents come with “screen rooms” or vestibules, which are protected areas that extend from the main body of the tent. These can help in making a tiny shelter feel more spacious.

Also, take the size of each person in your group into consideration. The larger the campers are, the larger the tent should be. 3 large campers may require more room than 5 tiny campers would.

Remember Ventilation

You can’t have a comfortable tent without an efficient ventilation system. Be sure that your 6 man tent is equipped with multiple mesh windows or vents. This will allow air to flow freely through your shelter.

When you and your fellow campers are sweaty or starting to stink a bit, some nice airflow through your tent will help to get rid of the musty odor (thank me later). Vents are also an essential part in preventing condensation from building up inside your tent.

The hotter it is outside, the more important ventilation will be. Some tents have entirely mesh ceilings (which can usually be covered by a rainfly). These are great for hot weather camping because they allow for heat to escape through the roof.

Ground vents are also very important. The ground outside usually retains moisture, which generates coolness. If your tent has a ground vent, the outside floor will almost work like an air conditioning unit. Trust me, it‘ll make a world of difference.

If you’re camping in cold weather, be sure that the vents on your six person tent have zippers. This way, you can close them when it gets too chilly inside.

Convenience – Look For Hassle-Free Six Person Tents

The best 6 person tents out there are those that help make your camping trip easier and more convenient. There’s no use in buying a product that’s going to make your experience more complicated than it needs to be.

When it comes to the best six person tents, convenience comes in multiple forms.

How Quickly Can It Be Set Up?

A common problem that many beginner campers face is the challenge of setting up their tent. Sometimes, it can be a complex and rigorous process.

First and foremost, we must always be sure to follow the tent’s instructions strictly and carefully. Skipping a single step can lead to disaster.

Some products, regardless of how much you know about pitching a tent, take longer than others to set up. Generally, 6 person dome tents are easier to assemble than cabin tents because of the shape of their roof.

Here’s a great, informational video on how to set up and take down an average dome tent:

If you really want to shorten the process of setting up, then consider buying an instant tent. These can usually be pitched in a minute or less and require minimal effort. The magic of these tents is in their pre-assembled/attached tent poles which you simply extend until the structure is at its full height. Then, it’s a matter of securing the entire thing to the ground by using stakes and guy lines.

Here’s a guide on how to set up and take down an instant cabin tent (the tent shown below is an OZARK Instant Tent, which I have not included in my six man tent reviews, though most instant tents are set up the same way).

Occasionally, tents will come with a mallet or other tools to aid in securing the stakes or pegs to the ground (like the KAZOO 6 Person Family Tent). These can be a huge help. You can always bring your own tools along as well.

The biggest piece of advice I’d give to all new tent owners is to practice setting up before your camping trip. Run through the pitching process as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable with it. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your campsite and realizing that you don’t know how to pitch your own tent.

The Weight Of Your 6 Person Camping Tent

We can’t talk about convenience without talking about weight. The heavier your tent is, the harder it’s going to be to transport to your campsite.

This is especially important if you’re going to be hiking with your tent. If you’ll be camping close to your car, then weight shouldn’t matter as much to you.

The weight of your tent can really depend on the material of your tent poles and stakes. Fiberglass and aluminum are some of the most common, lightweight materials for tent poles. As far as stakes and pegs go, iron is a great substance that‘s both strong and light.

In general, you should also know your own physical abilities so that you can choose something light enough for you. Don‘t overdo it.

Find A 6 People Tent With Storage Space

For the sake of saving space, it’s important that your tent has a designated area for you to store your equipment.

The more people you have in your tent, the more important storage space is. When you’re forced to keep your belongings on the floor, you lose out on space for you and your fellow campers to sleep.

Most tents will have storage pockets on the interior. These are great for keeping lightweight items like wallets, keys, phones, etc. Some shelters, such as the Core 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent, come with wall organizers for storage. These are a series of small mesh pockets arranged on the wall of your tent in a shelf-like formation. For campers who consider themselves to be a bit anal-retentive, this can be super beneficial.

Gear lofts are also a great place to keep your stuff. These are structures that hang from the tent ceiling and are designed to hold a decent amount of equipment. Usually, gear lofts also come with a hook on the bottom for hanging a lantern or tent fan.

Vestibules or screen rooms can also be a handy place to keep your gear if your tent has one. If not, you can always turn to the tent’s carry bag. These are usually large enough to hold and protect lots of equipment.


While it’s not the most important factor to consider, you should also examine the amount of entrances that your tent has. If there’s only one door to your shelter, you may have trouble getting in and out. It can be super aggravating to have to step over your fellow campers every time you have to go to the bathroom.

If you want to come and go as freely as possible, consider buying a 6 person tent with 2 or more doors.

Constancy In 6 Person Tents

The final C of tent selection stands for constancy. This means durability, and it just may be the most vital aspect of your tent. There’s no point in spending money on a shelter that can’t withstand the forces of nature.

When trying to find a durable 6 person tent, be sure that it excels in the following areas:

Strong Materials

The fabric of your tent can completely make or break your camping experience. While tent material plays a large role in comfortability and weight, it’s even more essential when it comes to protection. Specifically, you’re going to need protection against rain and UV rays.

Some of the best materials to look for in a 6 person tent include:

  • Polyester – A super efficient, breathable material that’s pretty cheap and common. It’s also water and UV resistant. Polyester is great for warm weather camping and will do a good job of keeping you guarded from the elements of nature.
  • Polyurethane – Also commonly found in 6 person tents, polyurethane is fantastic for water resistance. It’s often used as an extra coating to prevent moisture from entering your tent.
  • Nylon – A material which, alike polyester, is synthetic and very durable. It’s actually more lightweight and less prone to ripping than polyester is. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit more expensive.
  • Cotton – Cotton tents are super absorbent, breathable and UV resistant. They’re also great for cold weather camping. However, they’re very heavy, bulky and expensive. None of the products listed in my six man tents reviews are made of cotton.

What’s A Denier Rating?

You may have seen a type of tent fabric listed as being “68D polyester,” or something along those lines. The “D” symbolizes the Denier rating of the fabric. This is a system which is used to measure the thickness of a material. The higher the number, the more thick the fabric is.

You may also see something described as “190T polyurethane.” The “T” in this case is the “thread per inch” measurement. The higher the number, the more densely woven and tough the fabric is.

The Rainfly And Water Resistance

In a rainstorm, you can’t always count on your tent’s ceiling alone to keep the water out. That’s why it’s great to have a rainfly. This is essentially a tarp that extends over the roof of your tent to add an extra layer of protection. Most tents come with one.

Tent with a rainfly on it sitting at the edge of a stream.

Tents that are double walled (also referred to as having an integrated rainfly) have an extra layer of material within their walls. This layer aims to accomplish the same thing that a standard rainfly would.

If you plan on camping when there’s rain in the forecast, make sure that the rainfly or other tent materials have a good waterproof rating. This is usually measured in millimeters and represents the amount of water that the material is able to withstand. For example, if your rainfly is 2000mm water resistant, this means it will be able to handle up to 2,000 millimeters of water without leaking.

Battling The Wind

If your 6 person tent isn’t sturdy and stable, one strong gust of wind can completely destroy it. When you’re camping in an elevated location, or an open field, it’s even more important that your tent is strong enough to withstand high winds. This is all in the stakes, guy lines and tent poles.

In windy conditions, it’s best to use stakes that are long and have ridges or grooves on them. When setting up, make sure that your stakes are positioned on opposite sides of the tent from each other. Also make sure that the guy lines are pulled nice and taut.

As for the tent poles, aluminum tends to be a better choice than fiberglass, as it won’t snap easily.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying A 6 Person Tent

Now that we’ve gone over the elements that separate the good tents from the bad tents, it’s time to look at the factors that affect each camper differently. Ask yourself the following questions before you settle on a 6 person tent.

Where Will You Be Camping?

The type of tent you purchase should reflect the specific area that you’re camping in. If you’ll be camping in the rainforest, then you‘d better be sure that your tent has a high water resistance rating.

If you’re setting up camp in the desert, then look for a tent that’s good for hot weather. If you’re setting off into the tundra, then find something that has minimal vents and lots of great insulation. Tents are not a “one size fits all” type deal when it comes to your environment.

What’s Your Budget?

Obviously, not every camper out there has the same amount of money to throw around. If you’re camping on a budget, then maybe the MOON LENCE 6-Person Family Tent is the best choice for you.

If you can afford to make a larger investment for the sake of quality camping, then consider going with something that’s a bit more high-end. In general, these are the tents that will last you the longest amount of time.

Do You Care About The Look Of Your Tent?

A question for some of the shallow campers out there: is it important for you to camp in style? If so, then buy a tent that has the aesthetic you want.

Some of these shelters come in a variety of different colors, so you can choose based on your personal taste.

Style is subjective, so I can’t exactly tell you which tent is the best looking (obviously it’s the Coleman Sundome). Either way, I would definitely advise against choosing a 6 person tent based off of looks alone.

Conquerwild’s Conclusion

6 person tents are all around a great choice for any small group of campers, though it’s important that you take the selection process seriously. No one wants to invest money in a product that’s of poor quality. That’s why it’s crucial that you make your purchase based on the 3 C’s of tent camping and your own personal circumstances.

Although each of the products from my 6 person tent reviews are high quality, there’s one that stands out above the rest…

Our Top Pick Is….

The Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent!!!!

In my eyes, Core never seems to disappoint, and this tent is no exception. With a 60 second set-up, lots of storage space and a super homey feel to it, this tent excels in all the areas I find most important. It’s durable, it’s well ventilated and it’s super spacious. To me, this is the epitome of a great 6 person tent.

If you feel like opting for something a bit cheaper, then the Coleman Sundome Tent is also a great choice.

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