Best 10 Person Tent of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer‘s Guide

Spoiler Alert: Conquerwild named the Core Straight Wall Tent as the best 10 person tent of 2022!!

A great tent is one that feels like a home away from home. When you’re camping with a large group, it’s important that your shelter is roomy, easy to use and protective. I‘ve come to find that 10 person tents are perfect for groups of 5 – 7 people.

If you’re looking for the best 10 person tent on the market, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve selected the 4 best shelters out there (in my opinion) and reviewed them all. Let’s get into it…

What We’ll Be Reviewing:

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent – Top Pick Overall

The first thing that strikes you about the Core 10 Person Cabin Tent is its pristine appearance. This thing looks super clean and ready for a family outing. With a 78D polyester makeup and Core H20 block technology, the interior of this tent will stay dry and untouched by the rain.

Being a 10 person family tent, this shelter is quite roomy. It’s got dimensions of 14’ x 10’ and a 82” peak height, so it would be quite hard to find yourself cramped in here. With a gear loft and lots of storage space to keep your equipment stowed, there’s tons of livable space. It also comes with a single room divider for an added level of privacy.

It’s also important to note that this tent is quite easy to set up and take down. Everything from the rainfly to the tent stakes to the room separator can easily fit inside the carry bag. If you’re in the market for an attractive looking tent with lots of airflow and user friendliness, this product from Core is a great option.


  • The interior is large enough to fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses.
  • It comes in an orange and a wine (purpleish) color. Both options look great.
  • It has a gear loft, a lantern/tent fan hook and interior pockets for storing your gear.
  • It has an E-port for power cord accessibility.
  • There’s both a front and a back entrance.
  • There are adjustable ground vents and zippered windows, making for a great ventilation system.


  • Core’s customer service hasn’t gotten the best reviews.
  • The entire package is a bit heavy at 35.5 lbs, meaning this isn’t a great tent for backpacking.

Coleman Instant Dark Room Cabin Tent – Most Unique 10 Person Tent

If we‘re being honest, it‘s hard to go wrong with a tent from Coleman. Here, we have their Instant Cabin tent, which is just as impressive (if not more-so) as all of their other products that I’ve reviewed. This tent is the heavy sleeper’s paradise, thanks to the dark room technology. It’s a great hangover tent.

The rainfly for this tent is integrated and well ventilated. This means that water stays out, and air comes in when you need it to. As an added precaution against rain, this tent is finished with welded corners and inverted seams. The main benefit of choosing this shelter is, of course, the instant setup. All it takes is one person (provided that you’re tall enough) and about 1-5 minutes to have this tent ready to go.

This would not be my first choice (or second or third) for backpacking adventures because of the weight. However, it’s perfect for car camping and times when you don‘t have to hike much. If you’re camping with a large group and setup makes you nervous, consider going with the Coleman Instant Dark Room Cabin Tent.


  • The integrated dark room technology blocks about 90% of sunlight.
  • It comes with a room divider for extra privacy.
  • It’s super spacious with a floor plan of 14’ x 10’ and a peak height of 79”.
  • It features a unique, “hinged” door (there aren’t actual hinges on it, this is just the way Coleman describes their design).
  • It’s made from a double thick polyguard material.
  • The guy lines are reflective, making them easier to see at night.


  • This tent is very heavy at 42 pounds, and it’s not ideal for backpacking.
  • Not everybody is a fan of the integrated rainfly. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as a detachable one.
  • Although there are interior storage pockets, there’s not a whole lot of space to keep your gear.

UNP 10 Person Family Tent – Most Affordable / Most Lightweight 10 Person Tent

If the cabin style isn’t really for you, then maybe you‘ll be happy with this 10 person dome tent from UNP. This shelter is huge with dimensions of 18’ x 9’. Surprisingly, it weighs only 23 pounds, making this the most lightweight ten person tent on this list! Not even its fiberglass poles are enough to weigh this thing down.

This tent is made entirely of 185T polyester, which does a decent job of keeping small amounts of rain out (torrential downpours may be a different story). I also appreciate the way that the rainfly forms a small awning over the windows and entrance. This helps to divert water away from the interior. Setup is pretty simple as well.

Perhaps the best thing about this tent is its openness. The entire ceiling is made out of mosquito-proof mesh, which makes for amazing airflow if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s great for hot weather camping. If size, convenience and affordability are your main priorities, then I suggest you go with this cheap 10 person tent from UNP.


  • It’s the most lightweight tent on this list.
  • It’s also the most affordable tent on this list!
  • Assembly is easy, and the instructions are sewn into the carry bag.
  • Like the others on this list, this ten man tent comes with a room separator.
  • The interior has an impressive 162 square feet of space and a 78” peak height.
  • There’s a storage loft and interior storage pockets.
  • There’s an E-port for power cord access.


  • This is not a waterproof 10 person tent, so it won’t do well in heavy rain.
  • The zippers can be a bit difficult to deal with.
  • UNP’s customer service isn’t the best according to most customer reviews.

Core 10 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent – Best 10 Person Tent For Glamping

The final product on this list brings us full circle back to Core, this time for their Lighted Instant Cabin Tent. This shelter is the epitome of luxury group camping. It‘s what I like to think of as a true “party tent.” 

The star of the show here is the LED light strip that’s built into the ceiling. These innovative and powerful lights are controlled via wall mount, and they have 3 settings. There’s no need for a lantern or flashlight with this tent.

Another huge draw of this large 10 person tent is its screen room. The mesh-enclosed extension provides a great space to either take off your dirty shoes or just enjoy the breeze. You can also bask in the breeze from inside the tent, thanks to the mesh ceiling and efficient floor vents.

Let’s not forget that this is also an instant tent, and it only takes a few minutes to erect. At the same time, it’s resilient enough to withstand the perils of nature. If you’re looking for something that‘s got all the bells and whistles, this is the tent for you… And if this one isn’t big enough for your group, you can check out the Core 12 Person Lighted Cabin Tent.


  • It’s super quick and easy to set up (takes about 2 minutes).
  • The tent is made of 68D polyester and it’s 600mm water resistant.
  • It’s roomy with a floor plan of 10’ x 14’ and a peak height of 84”.
  • This tent also has taped seams and a polyurethane coating for water protection.
  • The LED lights have 3 settings: high, low and amber night light.
  • The LED’s also have a diffusion panel which helps to evenly disperse the light throughout the tent.


  • The LED lights require 4D batteries and they’re not included.
  • At 40 pounds, this is another heavy tent. It’s not designed for backpackers.
  • The tent stakes aren’t the best quality.

How To Find The Best 10 Person Tent

Shopping for a tent can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re planning for a larger group.

There are tons of 10 person tents for sale out there, but there are probably only a select few that are right for you and your group. It might be a good idea to survey your fellow campers to get a better understanding of what their priorities are.

It’s hard for me to make too many generalizations because every camper faces different circumstances. However, there are a select few standards that everyone should go by when buying a 10-person tent.

The 3 C’s Of Tent Camping

If you’re looking for the best 10 person camping tent, then you should be sure to remember the 3 C’s of tent camping. These are constancy, convenience and comfortability. Any tent that excels in each of these areas is worth your money.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each C.

Constancy – Choosing A Durable 10 Man Tent

Not all tents are built to withstand harsh weather or unexpected conditions. If you’ll be camping in an area with unpredictable weather, it’s especially important to choose a tent that’s durable. There’s no use in investing money into a shelter that craps out on you after one use.

Look For Quality Material

The material that your tent is made of has a big impact on its durability. Polyester is usually a good fabric to go with because it’s tear resistant and is easy to maintain. It also does a good job of keeping water out when coated with polyurethane or polyethylene.

Nylon is another classic tent material that works quite well. While it tends to be a bit more expensive than polyester, nylon is more lightweight. It’s also pretty strong and water resistant.

10 person tent sitting in the middle of a campsite.

The Denier rating of your tent material is a great way to tell how strong it is. This is abbreviated with the letter D and it represents the thickness of each thread of fabric. The higher the number, the thicker it is.

The thread count of your material is important as well. This is abbreviated with the letter T and it stands for the number of threads per square inch in your fabric. These figures aren’t as complicated as they may sound. Just remember that higher numbers are almost always better.

Weather And Water Protection

When it comes to your 10 person tent, it’s pretty much inevitable that it’s going to get wet at some point. We can’t always know whether it’s going to rain or not. This is why we need a shelter that‘s at least somewhat water resistant.

Water resistance is usually measured by the number of millimeters of water that a material can withstand before leaking. For example, the Core 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent is 600mm water resistant.

If you want full protection from rain, then you’re going to need a rainfly. This is a tarp-like sheet that goes over the roof of your tent to deflect rain. The vast majority of tents come with one.

Some tents, such as the Coleman Instant Dark Room Cabin Tent, come with an integrated rainfly. This means that it’s built in and cannot be removed. These usually offer less coverage than removable rainflies.

The vast majority of leaks in tents occur at the seams. These are the spots in the corners of your tent where two pieces of fabric are stitched together. It’s important that your tent has welded seams, inverted corners or some sort of polyethylene/polyurethane coating (or all 3).

It’s also a good idea to apply your own coat of waterproofing spray before using your tent for the first time. You can check out my article on the best eco-friendly waterproofing tent sprays for advice on how to do this.

A Strong Structure

Tent poles are like the bones of your shelter. They keep it standing. You should always make sure that the poles you‘re using are efficient. They‘re most often made of fiberglass, but aluminum tent poles are also common (they’re stronger and more lightweight).

In general, the poles included with your tent usually aren’t the best quality. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a separate set. Just make sure they match up with the measurements of your tent.

If you’re camping in a windy area, be sure to secure your tent to the ground with guy lines. I also recommend buying guy lines and stakes separately.

Comfortability – Finding A Cozy Ten Person Tent

A good 10 person tent should make your campsite feel like home. You should never buy a shelter that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable.

Efficient Ventilation

If you want to feel comfortable inside your tent, you need to make sure it’s well-ventilated. If you don’t have airflow throughout your shelter, things are going to get stuffy, hot, steamy and maybe even a little smelly (depending on who you’re camping with).

See-through mesh tent ceiling with trees on the other side.

Your tent should have lots of zippered mesh windows. This way, you can open and close them at your own convenience. Also, mesh ceilings are perfect for letting heat out from your shelter. 

Adjustable ground vents are another great way to control the temperature inside your tent.

Sufficient Space

Here’s a little secret: 10 person tents aren’t usually large enough to fit 10 people comfortably. They’re much better suited for groups of 7 or less.

You should never purchase a tent based on the number of people it claims to fit. Always look at the dimensions of the floor plan.

You should also pay attention to the peak height, which is the measurement from the floor to the tallest part of the tent’s ceiling. If you’re planning on walking around inside, make sure the peak height is at least as tall as you.

Cabin Tent Vs. Dome Tent

The terms cabin and dome tent refer to the shape and style of your shelter. Cabins usually have steep walls and a flat roof while dome tents are shaped like (you guessed it) a dome. The type you choose should depend on your environment and preference.

Cabin tents generally offer more standing room for your group. If you suffer from claustrophobia, this may be the choice for you. Dome tents, on the other hand, are usually easier to set up. They’re also better for the winter, because the slope of their roof doesn’t let snow build up. 

None of the tents on this list are especially great for winter camping.

Convenience – Finding A Hassle-Free 10 Person Camping Tent

Tent camping is meant to be a leisurely activity. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be by choosing a complicated product. Be sure to prioritize convenience when searching for your 10 person tent.

The Weight And Portability Of Your Tent

Since 10 people tents are so large, they’re not always ideal for backpacking. If you need to transport your tent on foot, try to aim for something that weighs less than 30 pounds, like the UNP 10 Person Family Tent.

If you’re only carrying your tent a short distance from your car, then weight may not be a concern for you.

Make sure your tent comes with a carry bag that’s both easy to hold and spacious. It’s important that you’re able to fit the tent back inside the bag once you take it down.

How Easy Is It To Set Up?

Pitching a 10 person tent can be a bit confusing and time consuming, especially if you’re a beginner. I always recommend practicing setting up your tent at home before you go camping. There’s nothing worse than carrying a tent out into the woods only to realize that you don’t know how to put it together.

You should also practice taking the tent down and fitting it back into its bag.

Some tents feature instant setup. These types of shelter use telescoping poles to make pitching your tent super quick and easy. Don’t be ashamed to buy one of these if you’re worried about setting your tent up correctly. There’s absolutely no shame in that.

Two campers finishing setup for a 10 person tent.

What Are Your Storage Options?

If you have tons of equipment with you while camping, you’ll need a place to store it. If you keep all your gear on the ground, you’ll be using up sleeping space.

Luckily, most tents have interior storage pockets. These are good for storing small items like phones, wallets, chargers, keys, etc.

If you need a bit more space, then look for a tent that has a storage loft. This is essentially a net that hangs from the ceiling of your tent and holds your equipment.

Screen rooms and vestibules are also great places to store your equipment if your tent has one.

Think About Entrances

The more people you have staying in your tent, the more you’ll appreciate multiple entrances. This makes it easier for your fellow campers to get in and out without disturbing the rest of the group.

If this is a big concern for you, choose a product that has more than one entrance.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing 10 Person Tents

Now that we’ve gotten all of the major deciding factors out of the way, let’s discuss a few of the extra details you should consider before buying a ten men tent.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Whenever buying any type of product, it’s important to set a budget for yourself. 10 person tents are quite large, so they can be a bit expensive. For the most part, the more you spend, the stronger, bigger and more reliable your tent will be.

However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find a quality tent. If you’re looking for a cheap 10 person tent that works well, then consider buying the UNP 10 Person Family Tent.

Added Features

Some tents have extra little quirks that make them stand out from the pack. The greatest example of this is the Core 10 Person Lighted Cabin Tent, which comes with an LED strip built into its ceiling.

Many 10 person tents also have room dividers. These are nothing more than a sheet of fabric that you hang from the ceiling to create rooms within your tent.

E-ports are another handy feature. These are vents which you can feed power cords through. An efficient E-port stays shut while it’s in use. These are great if you have a generator running or if you’re near a power source.

Where Will You Be Camping?

The location of your campsite should play a role in the tent you choose. Each area is going to require different features. For example, if you’re camping in the desert, you’re going to need a well-ventilated tent with lots of mesh.

Always be sure to check the weather forecast before you plan a camping trip.

Is The Appearance Of Your Tent Important To You?

On my list of most important tent qualities, visual appearance is probably dead last. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not important at all. 

It’s usually better to choose a tent that’s green, brown or some other dull color. This will help you blend in with your surroundings, which is recommended in the 7 principles of Leave No Trace.

Conquerwild’s Conclusion

With so many quality products out there, finding the perfect 10 person tent may seem complicated. I’m here to say… It doesn’t have to be that way. As long as you remember the 3 C‘s of tent camping and focus on your needs, you should be good to go.

Although each of the products I’ve reviewed above are fantastic, there’s only one 10 person tent that I’d consider to be the best.

Our Top Pick Is….

The Core 10 Person Straight Wall Tent!!!!

Here’s a tent that truly feels and performs as great as it looks. It’s spacious and durable with tons of storage space. It’s also got the ventilation and the special features that most campers look for in a 10 person tent. There are very few things to complain about with this product from Core, which is why it has my vote for best pick.

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