Mike Nicosia

My name is Mike Nicosia, and I am the face behind Conquerwild.com. I'm a writer who's passionate about camping, hiking and all things nature. I create content that's aimed at helping you improve your experience out in the wilderness. I encourage all readers to conquer their fears, push their limits and become one with nature.

Me, sitting on top of a mountain, looking off into the beautiful distance.

How To Leave No Trace When Camping and Hiking

There’s no greater beauty than that of Mother Nature. Many people (including myself) consider the outdoors to be their “happy place.” However, whenever we step outside, we must remember that we are visitors in someone else’s home. Every time you embark on a hike or partake in a camping trip, you’re entering the living space …

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My multitool sitting, completely open with all of its tools opened on a rock near the water.

Choosing The Best Multitool For Backpacking

Conquerwild’s #1 pick for Best Multi Tool For Backpacking: Gerber Suspension NXT-Multi-Tool!! When backpacking, it’s important that we stay prepared for whatever the wilderness may throw our way. One great way to remain prepared is by keeping a hiking multitool handy. The beauty of these versatile gadgets is that they’re able to take almost every …

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